Riga: City of fear

How stupid can you get? OK, this may be a close race but one candidate for the title has to be Ole Munk who let a Latvian bicycle shop keep his and Ulla’s passports as a deposit for two rented mountain bikes while staying at the gorgeous Jurmala beach 25 km from Riga where Ole was working during the summer of 2005. When the bikes were stolen – in broad daylight – from the porch of their hotel (not to the proprietor’s surprise, apparently, and perhaps not to the shop-owner’s either?) a ridiculous sum of money was claimed as compensation if our friends wanted their passports back.
The dark clouds began to disperse, however, when the petty incident caught the interest of the Latvian press which sensed that this might be some kind of way to methodically rip off tourists. In the picture, a model for contemporary press photography, the two passports have returned to their lawful owners and Ulla is pointing out where the bicycles used to stand.