Jyske Medier

af Ole Munk; published 20 February 2013
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5 February 2013 marked a new era for Horsens Folkeblad, Fredericia Dagblad, and Vejle Amts Folkeblad. Ribergaard & Munk have created a common design concept for the three Danish local dailies which are now members of the Jyske Medier corporation.

The new design was inspired by Folkebladet, the B section shared by the three papers since January 2012 and also designed by Ribergaard & Munk, working with editor-in-chief at Horsens Folkeblad, Sven Groenborg, og Folkebladet’s editor Morten Guldberg:

The typographical toolbox comes from the New York-based company Commercial Type, run by Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes. Guardian Sans, originally made for The Guardian of London, is used for headlines, captions, pullout quotes, etc. Also the body type, Publico, was developed during the Guardian project but did not make it to the final redesign. Since then, Publico has become popular in newspapers and magazines all over the world.

The new mastheads, including the Folkebladet nameplate which combines the two typefaces, were created by Ole Munk. The logotypes have been rotated 90 degrees in order to facilitate a more varied use of the newshole.

Here’s how the papers looked before the relaunch:

Ribergaard & Munk started working with Jyske Medier in 2009 and the first result was a redesign of Horsens Folkeblad which you can read about here
(published 8 March 2010):

Monday 8 March, Horsens Folkeblad met its 46,000 daily readers with a new look. The Danish local paper (circ 14,500) is now a broadsheet and a tabloid at the same time, as the size of section 1 is unchanged while sections 2 and 3 will be published in tabloid format.

Section 2 contains local news plus sports every day except Monday when section 3 is devoted to sports.
The contents of section 3 will vary from day to day.
The new colour scheme of Horsens Folkeblad is based on a dark petroleum colour which will be combined with three bright signal colours:
Section 1 is yellow, section 2 light green, and section 3 light blue.

Publico, designed by Christian Schwartz, is used for body text as well as headlines.
Argo, designed by Gerard Unger, is used for supplementary type.
The nameplate, originally designed by the late Austin Grandjean, has been ”facelifted” by Ole Munk with a bit of help from Christian Schwartz.
Horsens Folkeblad has been redesigned in order to appear modern and rich on contrast – with simple guidelines for editing and layout, facilitating the production of pages in both formats.
Ribergaard & Munk redesigned the paper with HF editor Sven Groenborg.