Värnamo Nyheter Mitt i veckan

by Ole Munk; published 15 November 2010
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The first issue of Mitt i veckan (meaning Midweek) was published Wednesday 27 October 2010.
This is a new kind of newspaper. At the same time, Mitt i veckan is a freesheet delivered to every household AND the fifth edition of the local daily Värnamo Nyheter which hereby meets the needs of its subscribers – and advertisers – by providing them with printed news and advertising even on Wednesdays.
”Mitt i veckan is not a weekly but a daily packed with news. Värnamo Nyheter has become a five-days-a-week paper”, publisher and executive editor Lars Alkner explained in a press announcement.
Ribergaard & Munk got the assignment of designing Mitt i veckan after we had signed a contract with the Herenco media corporation concerning the redesign of the main paper, Värnamo Nyheter. Creating the new paper can be seen as a first step of this process in which the basic typography, page design, and graphical elements have been established.

At the same time, however, special demands had to be taken into consideration as Mitt i veckan reaches out for a broader audience than those who subscribe to the paid daily. The publisher’s intention to attract, among others, younger readers and people with non-Swedish backgrounds affected not only the choice of paper format (tabloid) but also the layout. The pages of Mitt i veckan are dominated by short news, with a maximum story count of 1500 characters compared to 2400 in the main paper (which is published in broadsheet format), and multiple entry points.

For the time being, Mitt i veckan is printed in Ljungby by another Herenco paper, Smaalänningen, with heavy four-colour limitations as an unfortunate consequence. To some extent, this will also dictate ad placements.
Typographically, Mitt i veckan is based on the same foundation that was introduced in our Smaalands-Tidningen redesign: Greta og Flama.
Maj Ribergaard and Ole Munk worked with Lars Alkner og VN night editor Kenneth Weinitz who took care of implementing the new design in the NewsPilot editorial system.

Mitt i veckan will be delivered to every household and business address in the local municipalities of Värnamo, Gislaved, Gnosjö, and Vaggeryd.
A late deadline and early delivery is a challenging combination which inspired Herenco Distribution to create a new organization with a staff of 60 delivery people.
According to Lars Alkner, the response to Mitt i veckan has been overwhelmingly positive. People in Värnamo and its surroundings like the modern look and appreciate getting a quality newspaper even on Wednesdays. So far, the sole complaints have come from those who did, for some reason, not receive the new paper.