Hallpressen, news flashes 2011-2012

Three Swedish newspapers go tabloid

2 May 2012, the three newspapers of the VGT group (Västgöta-Tidningar) launched a new format and design, created by Ribergaard & Munk.
The costumes of Falköpings Tidning, Skaraborgs Läns Tidning, and Västgöta-Bladet basically follow the same design concept that we introduced with the VGT freesheet Skövde Nyheter which has reached a status as the most important news media in the city of Skövde and its surroundings, on print as well as on the web, only one year since it was launched in 2011.
With the VGT relaunch, the first stage of Ribergaard & Munk’s work with modernizing the Hallpressen publications has been completed. The introduction of the Greta and Flama typeface families has provided the news corporation with a typographical toolbox that contains rich possibilities of variation, at the same time as sharing editorial content has become a lot easier.
The visual appearance of the three VGT publications was not the only thing that changed on May 2. The newspapers also went from six to four weekly issues. The news ”hole” will be filled by three new websites.
A comment from CEO Christina Björklund:”We are now able to offer our readers and advertisers a holistic product and a media combination which will fully correspond to the needs on today’s media marketplace, and which is prepared to meet future demands imposed on local media, not least by a younger audience.”

Skövde Nyheter: Now, a website

In April 2011, the Swedish newspaper Skövde Nyheter was reborn as a free weekly. As the response from readers and advertisers has been extremely positive, the VGT publishing corporation decided to take the next step and make the newspaper available every minute of the week – as a website.
Skovdenyheter.se launched 10 November 2011.
Publisher Ronny Karlsson: ”Our aim is to become Skövde’s number one website. The obvious choice if you wish to know what is going on in the city”.
Maj Ribergaard, Ole Munk, and Allan Kaas designed the new website. With the purpose of reinforcing the Skövde Nyheter brand, we have maximized the recognition between the print og web editions.
You can read about the launch of Skovdenyheter.se (in Swedish) at Medievarlden.se.
web design

Smålänningen: 90 years and reborn

Tuesday 15 November 2011, a new era began at Smålänningen, published in Ljungby (pop 27,000) in southern Sweden.
Three weeks prior to its 90-years birthday, the local daily launched a new design, created by Ribergaard & Munk with an in-house workgroup led by executive editor Anita Johansson and night editor Anna-Karolina Persson. Anna took care of implementing the new design in NewsPilot, Smålänningen’s editorial system.
Judging by the initial readers’ responses, the change has been well received. Anita Johansson:
”I was a bit worried that this redesign might imply a change too radical – but even though our new design is indeed very different from the old one, Ribergaard & Munk have succeeded in creating a look which is genuinely SmÃ¥länningen.”
Ole Munk designed the new nameplate which is based on Peter Bilak’s typeface Greta, one of two typefaces forming the design basis for all the Hallpressen newspapers which have been redesigned or created since Ribergaard & Munk started working with the Smålands-Tidningen redesign in 2008.

The return of Skövde Nyheter

Skövde Nyheter folded in December 2007 but on Thursday 14 April, 2011, the Swedish local paper made a comeback as a free weekly, published by Västgöta Tidningar (a division of Hallpressen).
The new SN was designed by Ribergaard & Munk working with VGT editor-in-chief Ronny Karlsson and SN copy editor Henrik Svensson.
Typographically, Skövde Nyheter is making use of the same Greta/Flama toolbox as the rest of the Hallpressen titles.
In SN, however, Flama Slab enjoys a prominent role. The punchy slab serif also formed the basis for the new SN logo which was created by Ole Munk.
More info on Skövde Nyheter (in Swedish) at Medievärlden.

Jönköpings-Posten redesigned

 Tuesday 12 April 2011, the 146-year-old Swedish daily Jönköpings-Posten (circ 36,000) launched a new design, created by Ribergaard & Munk with an in-house project team led by editor-in-chief Mats Ottosson.
More contrast will be introduced on the pages of the new JP, partly through the new typography (based on Greta and Flama, like the other titles of the Hallpressen corporation) and partly by keeping more rigid control of headline sizes and story counts. At the same time, an effort was made to retain the light, spacious layout which has since long ago characterized this newspaper.
Mats Ottosson: ”Jönköpings-Posten has become more modern, more distinct, and easier to navigate”.
In Wednesday’s paper, Mats also mentioned the fact that more pages are devoted to local news, as well as to local culture and debate.
Ole Munk designed a new version of the historic JP nameplate.

A new design for Värnamo Nyheter

 One more step in Ribergaard & Munk’s design work for Hallpressen was taken 24 February 2011 when the second-biggest newspaper of this Swedish media corporation launched in a brand new costume.
Even though Värnamo Nyheter follows the same typographical guidelines as its brother/sister publications, this redesign was a special assignment as the VN frontpage is by tradition dominated by advertising.
With the ambition of generating more appeal in the newsstand, we have tried to add a bit of newsiness by squeezing in a promo area above the nameplate. Still however, the VN page 3 works as an alternative frontpage.
The new VN look is based on the design which we created for the free tabloid Värnamo Nyheter Mitt i veckan (Värnamo News Midweek) – but as the main paper is still published in broadsheet format, numerous adjustments and additions had to be made.

From web to print in Jönköping

Ribergaard & Munk created the design for a new free magazine which will be published in the Swedish city of Jönköping (125 000 inhabitants).
35 000 copies of JnyttXtra will be printed once a month by the website Jnytt.se, which has, over a period of just five years, become the dominant website of this region. JnyttXtra #1 hit the streets 28 January 2011.
You can flip through the latest issue here.
The Hallpressen media corporation is behind Jnytt.se and JnyttXtra and we based the design of the new magazine on the two typeface families (Greta and Flama) which Ribergaard & Munk have introduced in other Hallpressen publications – but this time used quite differently.
From a designer’s point of view, it was an interesting exercise to try providing the new magazine with its own completely unique and modern look, using the same typographical toolbox with which we have created more ”normal” newspaper typography.
JnyttXtra was amlng the nominees for the Swedish Design Award (Svenska Designpriset) 2011.