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Publication layout and editing

Learn how to see the page with ”visual glasses”!

If your starting point for layouting and editing pages – newspaper, magazine, or web pages – was a journalistic education, you have only got your natural talent to rely on when your job is to make the pages work visually. And the visual appearance is a determining factor as to whether your page will be read or it will be skipped.

We can arrange a one-day quick course on publication layout and editing at the place where you work. With this quick course, you and your colleagues will get a common platform for how to deal with the visual communication of your publication, and a common language to use for discussing layout and editing problems.

”Publication layout and editing” ran for the first time in November 2009 at Nordjyske Stiftstidende in Aalborg, Denmark.
Have a look at some of the feedback:

”Ole Munk tailored this quick course according to our requests and we experienced a really inspiring day, learning how to view page design and layout with more ”visual glasses” and how to make optimum use of the words and visuals at our disposal.
Through a constructive collegial debate, moderated by Ole Munk, we also had the opportunity to discuss and sharpen our common sense of our paper’s visual appearance.
We have been very happy with this session and it has provided us with a valuable stepping stone for our in-house education program”.

Joergen laCour-Harbo

”Publication layout using glue, scissors, and coloured paper? In 2010? Strange as it may sound, it actually works! To me and my colleagues, the great eye-opener of this quick course was trying to ignore the actual contents of visuals and words. Working with coloured shapes instead of headlines, text, and ads. With the help of glue, scissors, and coloured paper, it became crystal clear to all of us why some pages do not work and how their visual balance and contrast could be improved”.
Carsten Soegaard Jensen