Is your publication communicating effectively?

Whether web or paper based, design and architecture are crucial to the impact and clarity of your publication.
The Ribergaard & Munk publication check leaves no stone unturned.
On the basis of your own editorial ”mission statement” and our analysis of your website, magazine, or newspaper, a written evaluation will be produced, covering:
• the visual expression and tone of your publication
• architecture and functionality
• structure, navigation, and rhythm
• typography, design, and layout
• text and picture editing
• use of visual communication
• technical standard
• the front page


The publication check is usually concluded with a meeting (6 hours maximum) on the address of the client. Here, our written evaluation will be substantiated with actual examples.
The basic price of a publication check is DKK 20 000 plus eventual travel expenses.


A number of publications have made use of the Ribergaard & Munk publication check. Here’s a few:
• Magasinet MIDT
• Samvirke (The Danish COOP magazine)
• Ugeskrift for Laeger (Journal of The Danish Medical Association)
• Idé-Nyt
• Dagens Medicin
• De Bergske Blade
• Soendagsavisen
• Hjemmet (The Home)
• Markedsfoering (Marketing)
• Hendes Verden (Her World)
• Etelä-Suomen Sanomat (The Newspaper of Southern Finland)
• Weekendavisen (The Weekend Paper)
• Vores boern (Our Children)
• COWIfeature
• FOA-Bladet (The FOA Journal)
• Sydsjaellands Tidende