Bibelen og Verden

The Bible and the World

Ribergaard & Munk created the new design of the magazine Bibelen og Verden (The Bible and the World), published by Bibelselskabet (the Danish Bible Society).
The Society’s general secretary, Morten Thomsen Hoejsgaard, comments the relaunch:
”With the new design, Ole Munk helps us communicate the most seminal text in the history of the world in a sharp and professional way”.
In the same press announcement, Ole Munk explains his thoughts behind the new design:
”I did not focus on creating a particularly fancy or modern look. My aim has been a visual form with the potential to convey the contents as clearly, effectively, and empathically as possible”.
A simple five-module vertical grid forms the basis of the design. Two modules form one column of text. A typical page will have one module left for ”bonus elements” such as captions, quotes, fact boxes and lots of other stuff which will add pleasure and variety to the reading experience.

Click on the image for a pdf version of Bibelen og Verden (3.4 Mb).