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Ole Munk was a speaker at the international 2014 Society for News Design workshop, 25-27 September. Under the title Continuity is the key to success, Ole presented his work with Kristeligt Dagblad (the Christian Daily), the only Danish newspaper which has managed to continuously increase circulation and readership over a twenty-year period.
Ole’s presentation can be downloaded here in pdf format (49.8 Mb).

Så gör du en framgångsrik redesign
by Martin Ahlgren (in Swedish).
How to make a successful redesign. The article contains an interview with Ole Munk plus lots of good advice on what to do and what not to do when you are redesigning.
First published in CAP&Design, Summer 2004.
PDF version (2.7 Mb)

Redefining the whole process
by Ole Munk (in English).
About a different kind of redesign project—initiated with a design education
for members of the staff at three Swedish newspapers.
First published in the SND Design Journal, spring 2002.
PDF version (3.8 Mb)

Träner tidningsfolk att nå formtoppen
by Mikael Marklund (in Swedish).
Interview with Ole Munk, first published in Pressens Tidning #16/2001.
PDF version (536 K).

Avisens form – nu og i fremtiden
Newspaper form – now and in the future / by Ole Munk (in Danish).
Manuscript for a presentation at the SAXoTECH user conference, Sept. 11, 2002.
PDF version (671 K)

Moderne artikler har mange indgange
Modern articles have lots of entrances / by Ole Munk (in Danish).
We use all of our brain when reading a newspaper. The right cerebral hemisphere wants to be entertained whereas the left part is attracted by information. Nowadays, multiple entry points are a must to any newspaper with the ambition of becoming indispensable to its readers.
First published in JOURNALISTEN 19/1997.
PDF version (1.9 Mb)


Reporter or Artist
by Ole Munk, 1992 (text in English as well as in Danish).
A survey & analysis of how different newspapers around the world work with infographics. The book describes different ways of organizing the infographics staff and the work procedure, including the cooperation with other members of the newspaper staff, and tries to analyze how the results show in the paper.
The book also lists criteria for excellence in news graphics and surveys to which extent the papers meet these demands.
Reporter or Artist has gone out of print but you can download a pdf version here.

Infographics 2013
Presentation at the Danish School of Design, 18 March 2013 (19.3 Mb).
This presentation is not self-explanatory and will be useful primarily to attendees of the seminar.


Letters are made for reading
by Ole Munk (in English).
With the typography of logos and headlines, etc, the style and tone of your publication is determined. But when it comes to the body text, legibility is more important than anything else.
First published in Imprint Magazine (Norske Skog), July 2001.
PDF version (128 K)

Typografi og læselighed
Typography and legibility / by Ole Munk (in Danish).
A systematical overview of all the things you have to consider when working with typography.
Written for educational purposes.
PDF version (707 K)

Modulnet (grids)
Grids / by Ole Munk (in Danish).
The primary purpose of a grid is to create order out of chaos. A grid can help the reader find a specific part of the content where he or she is inclined to look for it. But a grid can also help the designer determine the proportions and the placement of elements on the page.
Written for educational purposes.
PDF version (605 K)


Visual communication – and miscommunication
Presentation at the SND Hemisferios workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 26 September 2009. About the important synergetic relationship between visuals and words. The presentation is not completely self-explanatory so if you did not attend the conference, you may miss a few points.
PDF version (10.4 Mb)

Dansk pressefoto mellem Skylla og Charybdis
Danish press photography between Scylla and Charybdis / by Ole Munk (in Danish).
Will the future of Danish press photography be dominated by primadonnas
with no flair for the interrelation between photos and the rest of the newspaper
—or by visually illiterate reporters carrying Instamatic cameras?
First published in the CFJE knowledge base, summer 2002.
PDF version (120 K)


Den visuelle journalist, Institutt for Journalistikk 14-15 June 2011

The toolbox (6.7 Mb)
Visuals and words (1.3 Mb)
Visual ideas (1.1 Mb)
Visual storytelling (1.3 Mb)
The comic-strip techhnique (3.1 Mb)
Superplanering (1.4 Mb)
Gruppering (254 K)

These presentations are not self-explanatory and will be useful primarily to attendees of the seminar.

Current trends in newspaper design

PDF presentation (12.3 Mb)
This presentation is not self-explanatory and will be useful primarily to attendees of the seminar.